I Am Suffering From OCD At Extreme Level. How Should I Overcome This?

QUESTION: I am suffering from OCD ie obsessive compulsive disorder which is at extreme level. I am unaware of purity in Islam.

I used to have urine, semen & blood on your cloth & I did not wash it. I have cloth that I had worn it for a party but I doubt that the cloth has najis on it. Some of my clothes have the same colour with najis that it is hard for me to differentiate. And also, do I have to wash the jacket jumper which I wore on the same day my trouser became najis.

Should I consider (treat) everything clean even if I see the stain on my cloth? Is washing impossible (because the stain is the same colour with the clothes or it is unable to wash the stain)

A few week ago I was shaving and I cut myself i touch blood with wet hands and touch other object. I put a tissue on the cut and then i wipe myself with the towel. I dont know wether blood got on towel or i wash my hands. I wash the towel. Now should i wash where i placed towel and cloth which i wore that day.

Please help it is killing me. – Anonymous, United Kingdom


ANSWER:  Dear brother, May Allah cure you from your sickness and bestow on you with endurance and perseverance to go through this. May Allah grant us His afiah(العافية) from all sickness . Ameen Ya Rabbal alamin

Pertaining to your question about the urine, first let me state the difference -between urine from pre-semen, discharge and sperm- that urine has this pungent smell which ‘iritates’ ‘specialised receptor cells of the olfactory epithelium of the nose (it works relatively similar to the taste bud). Thus, it is relatively impossible for someone of normal senses not to smell it.

The Islamic solution to your worries regarding the carpet and praying mat is to ask your parent or whoever used the washroom, if they had washed the place? In the Syafii school of thought, it is an obligatory act to wash the polluted (najis) place if the place is not certainly washed by anybody. Therefore, any part of body touches the polluted place without washing it will be considered polluted (mutanajjis) and consequently all the prayers done with certain (yaqin) of its existence (of the the pollutant/najis) are invalid and disqualified. In this circumstances, it is compulsory to re-perform/repeat all the invalid prayers but not on immediate basis. And this entire verdict apply, if your parent, yourself or whoever use the toilet without washing the place.

If they did wash the place, then Alhamdulillah there will be no issue about the purity of their part which touched the polluted (mutanajjis) floor hence the validity of their prayers.

Source : Mughni muhtaj ( vol 1, pg : -) , bushral karim( volume :1 . Chapter : najasat, page: 192-199) , fundamental of anatomy and physiology( 9th edition chapter : cranial nerves)

Pre-semen (ماذي/mazi) and discharge (ودي /wadi ) are considered as pollutants (najis) in the Syafii school of thought. Therefore anything that comes in contact with it become polluted (mutanajjis). To pollute oneself with pollutant (najis) unnecessarily is forbidden act in accordance to the Islamic ruling. If you are really certain that your shirt or your body or your place (for instance bed sheet etc) is polluted by your pre-semen or discharge or any pollutant and you are in doubt of the exact location, you are obliged to wash the whole shirt or the whole polluted object.

Sperm or semen ( مني/mani/ sexual fluid) is NOT considered as pollutant thus, any substance come in contact with it will NOT become polluted (mutanajjis). As result, any prayer done with its presence is valid .

1) Pre-semen and discharge disqualify the wudu’ whereby sperm or semen obligate the obligatory bath (الغسل)

2) Characteristics of sperm:

a. It is ejaculated in spurts

b. Significant smell of ‘white egg’ whn dry or smell like bread dough when moist.

c. Fatique is usually felt after ejaculation

3) There is foundation jurisprudence ( قاعدة فقهية) about pollutant( najis): An object will be considered polluted if there is moist in either of the pollutant or the object . If the moist is denied, no consideration of pollution is judged .

Source : Hasiyatul jamal (volume : 1 , chapter :condition of prayer) ,Bushral Karim ( volume 1 chapter : najasat ( pollutants), Nailurraja’ (chapter : significants of maturity, pg 1-5)
Hope it answer the question. 

Wallahu a’lam
Contributor: Ustaz Muhammad Ameen Badekruzaman

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