The Ruling Of Using Perfumes With Alcohol


As the title reads, it is the grey area, literally; if it’s permissible or not-permissible for us to use perfumes that contains alcohol. I’m sure this issue has been surfaced plenty of times, But let’s refresh ourselves in understanding these rulings.

In this video we will see the explanation on the types of alcohol used in these branded perfumes today. Why it is ruled as permissible to some, yet it’s looked upon as grey areas to some. So, what is the best way to deal with such situation (generally, all the grey areas)? Our scholars advised that it is best to avoid, as we relate back to the solution our Prophet SAW gave, “Those who protect themselves from the grey areas, Verily they have protect their religion and honour”. Nonetheless, let’s start looking at the alternatives of the perfume industry today, especially those whom produce alcohol-free oil-based perfumes.

May Allah forgive us, for all of our sins, and make us amongst those who return to HIM at all times. Aamiin.

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Question: Assalamualaikum Ustaz, what is the ruling of using perfumes that contains alcohol, especially during solat? – Anonymous, Singapore

Wallahu a’lam
Contributor: Ustaz Anwar Hussain