Do Not Be Despair From The Mercy Of Allah SWT

SubhanAllah, we probably have heard or met someone, a sinner (we all are), who gave up their life, who felt no point in asking for forgiveness from Allah SWT – Just because they think they had been making grievous mistakes, sin after a sin, after sin, after sin and it goes on that they think the doors of repentance is not open for them. As such, that is what syaitan wants for mankind, to be at this juncture of disappointment. But the question really is, “Will Allah SWT forgive all of our sins?”.

In this video you will learn the formula of returning to Allah SWT and most importantly that we, the servants, do not be despair from HIS mercy. May Allah forgive us for all of our sins and make us amongst those who return to HIM at all times. Aamiin.
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Question: I have committed zina and had repented but still afraid of the torment of the hereafter for my past. Does Allah forgive the sin of zina? – Anonymous, Singapore

Wallahu a’lam
Contributor: Ustaz Anwar Hussain